Customer Strategy

The purpose of business is to create and keep a customer” wrote Peter F. Drucker. Bkey Consulting aims at supporting companies in the process of generating and maintainig customers. This implies that all business functions must coordinate a set of constant and reliable activities on clients.

A Customer Strategy project has 5 macro phases:

  • Customer Profiling: During this phase we collect and analyze information concerning the client portfolio in order to create a segmentation process and to define clusters. Our target is to assess each customer through a series of qualitative and quantitative parameters that help define the potential areas of need.

  • Customer Demand Optimizaztion: In this phase we analyze the commercial history of our customer, going through orders and purchases of products/services. We aim at defining a process for the choice of assortment that optimizes the commercial relationship with the customer and its economical-financial indicators.

  • Customer Contact Optimization: in this phase we analyze all activities and the communication actions - both commercial and post-sale - with the client. We aim at designing the best Customer Relationship Management based not so much on the company but on the people within and the roles they occupy.

  • Customer Roadmap: the information collected in the 3 previous macro-phases allow us to identify a virtuous work strategy that passes through the definition of weaknesses and strengths in order to then form a plan of actions and activities that lead the business to seize opportunities and contrast threats.

  • Customer Dashboard: having constantly under control each and every client/cluster of clients's situation, especially when they represent a big part of the turnover, facilitates the managers' decision-making process and, therefore, helps them take any eventual budgetary measure that they consider necessary.

Methods Adopted

  • Customer Clustering
  • Assortment Optimization
  • Contact Plan
  • Customer Roadmap


  • Customer Assessment
  • Customer Roadmap
  • Course Material