Many say that innovation is creativity, the ability to invent. We sustain that these are 2 different activities. Creativity is the spark, the innovative idea. Innovation means putting into practice that idea. The ability of a company or of a person to convert that business idea in a profitable and sustainable business.
Peter F. Drucker wrote that innovation is the result of an analytical process, constant revision and great professional commitment that can be taught, replicated and learned.
Useful and systematic innovation always stems from the analysis of the opportunities and critical situations in the following 7 areas

  1. Unexpected occurrences of success or failure by our company or by our competitors
  2. Incongruities, positive or negative, within the logic or rhythm of a process, be it relative to production, research, distribution or even relative to consumers' behaviour.
  3. Needs arisen from new processes or technologies
  4. Structural Changes of the market or the Industry
  5. Demographic Changes
  6. Changes in Perception
  7. Acquisition of New Knowledge.

Methods Adopted

  • Benchmarking
  • Trend Assessment
  • Concept Creativity
  • Customer Tests
  • Usage and Attitude
  • Technical and Productivity Planning
  • Marketing Launch Planning


  • Product/Service Creativity
  • Customer Testing and Research
  • Product Launch Feasibility