Process Engineering

The continuous and fast changes of the market trend, of technologies, of innovation, often obliges companies to review the structure of their industrial processes. It may happen that these processes aren't formalized, but that they are well established habits linked to the individuals' attitudes and competences.

Bkey Consulting has a strong method of analysis, design and balancing of the industrial processes that focuses on sales and marketing functions. In the course of time, we have managed the business process engineering in R&D, Product Innovation, after-sales complex structures, sales and marketing structures.

Projects of the like are often linked to the implementation of organizational structures that are “Customer-centric”, and that therefore need Training programs aimed at leading people to work following shared processes that are planned on the customer's life cycle.

Methods Adopted

  • Process/Flux Analysis
  • Processes - Human resources Matrix
  • Information - Hierarchy Matrix
  • Design of Optimal Scenario
  • Gap Analysis
  • Customer Life Cycle Planning


  • Initial Assessment
  • Organizational Structure
  • Processes
  • Information
  • Planning Stage
  • Implementation
  • Course Material