Strategic Planning

A strategic plan determines all the company's organizational behaviors, it involves all the business functions providing them with the guidelines for both short- and long- term.

In the short term, the strategic plan is expressed by the Budget and its revisions.

In the medium- and long-term, on the other hand, the plan offers a detailed picture - strongly supported by an accurate diagnosis - of the direction the company has decided to take, of the instruments it intends to adopt in order to reach its goals and of the main KPIs used to evaluate their efficiency.

It is a dynamical model, not a statical one, that provides that at each performance check the efforts may be redirected in accordance to the Company's Mission and the Strategic Guide-lines decided by the shareholders.

The Model adopted: B-Key founds its operations on the Key Priorities Model. Our Deliverables are, in fact, the Key Priorities connected to the activities and their related actions, with the aim of avoiding any issues and exploiting all opportunities detected during our initial diagnosis.